There ya have it

So that's the end of the 12 weeks!  I'd love to hear any comments on how you guys felt, how you improved or didn't improve, or just any constructive criticism whatsoever.  I've come across some new ideas that I may start putting into action, but I'm unsure as to whether or not I'll post them yet.  I'd rather try things out for a little and if I'm having success, I'll start posting the workouts.  

If any of you want to continue the training, go back to Week 1, Day 1 and start over.  Now that you have a base (in terms of work and numbers), you can work on beating all weights you did in the previous 12 weeks.  If you feel like you are starting to plateau, change around the exercises, or maybe even the rep scheme.    

Saturday, or Sunday, November 14, 15: Light weight!

Week 12, Day 6

1. Snatch: warm up as needed and then take 3 attempts, just as you would in a competition.
2. CJ: warm up as needed and then take 3 attempts

Last day of the 12 week cycle, choose your attempts wisely. Usually a safe strategy is to go a little lighter than for an opener, then up to your personal best on the 2nd attempt, then go for a new personal best on the 3rd. Take it how you feel though, and be smart about the warm up, don't take too many attempts. Good luck! Post what your numbers were before the cycle and what you hit today (if you want).

Friday, 11/13: Almost there

David Rigert, a BAMF to the extreme.

Week 12, Day 5

1. Snatch: 50-55% for 2-3 singles
2. CJ: 50-55% for 1 single
3. Front Squat (optional): 50% for 1-2 singles for speed

This is meant as a "get the kinks out" type of workout for the competition tomorrow. If you feel like you'd do better lifting 30%, then do that. The 50-55% is usually what I had the most success with for the day before a competition, but it's still just a guideline.

Wednesday, 11/11: 3 Days out

Another great, Pisarenko. This image is what should be going through everybody's mind when they think "Finish!"

Week 12, Day 3

1. Snatch: 70-80% for 2 singles
2. CJ: 70-80% for 1 single
3. Front Squat: 70-75% for 1 single

Just work on the speed of the lifts and get in good quality reps. Start gaining that confidence for Saturday.

Tuesday, 11/10: Day off

Monday, 11/9: 5 Days Out!

The greatest lifter of all time (in my opinion), Yuri Vardanyan

Week 12, Day 1

1. Snatch: Up to 90% for 1 rep (you can go a little less if you feel you need more recovery, but NO MORE than 90%)
2. CJ: Up to 85% for 1 rep (same approach as snatch)
3. Back Squat: Up to 90% for 1

Rest up, get whatever recovery you need, and get ready for the weekend.

Saturday, 11/7: Openers

Week 11, Day 6

1. Snatch: Up to your opener for next week
2. CJ: Up to your opener
3. Front Squat: Up to the weight you want to finish with in the CJ next week, and do it for 2 reps

Friday, 11/6: Rest Day

Thursday, 11/5: Word Up

"Hey there pretty momma."

Week 11, Day 4

1. Snatch: 80% for 2 reps
2. CJ: up to 80%
3. Front Squat: go up to +5-10% of what you want to CJ next weekend, and do 1 set of 3 with that weight.
4. Any assistant work you want to keep up with (back, abs, chest, upper back, etc...)