Saturday, 8/29: O-lifter Smash!

(This is what I expect all the males on the program to look like in twelve weeks)

Week 1, Day 6

Snatch: Work up to 1 set of 1 Rep, As Heavy As Possible 
Clean and Jerk: Work up to 1 set of 1 Rep, As Heavy As Possible
Front Squat: Work up to 1 set of 3, As Heavy As Possible

I know it's worded a little funny, but I basically mean work up to a max single in the Snatch, CJ, and for a max triple in the Front Squat.  Don't just choose a weight and go straight to it, take as many warm up attempts as you need, but be smart about it, don't wear yourself out.  For the Front Squat triple, if you're unsure about a good number to go for, try to hit your best Clean weight (or a little more) for a set of 3.  If you don't hit a personal best, no need to fret, there will be plenty of opportunities in the near future.  Just go as heavy as you can, and whether you hit 50% of your best, or 105% of your best, it doesn't matter, just as long as you are doing it with intensity.

Randomizer Option: Day off


  1. Looks like an 85kg lifter.

  2. I was thinking more of the girls looking like the hulk and the guys looking like the old guy on family guy

  3. I might have taken this one but only b/c CJ is having pesky shoulder problems again and couldn't finish the workout. No PRs today but better than last week: 61; 79; 88.

    I better not look like that in 12 weeks. I already feel my chest expanding...

  4. Michele, I wouldn't expect any P.R.'s for at least a couple weeks, but if you hit them in the mean time, then that's great! I think Shage will look like Jaba the Hut if she stops doing the program.