Wednesday, 8/26: Numero Three

Week 1, Day 3

1.  Power Jerk: 3 RM, or do 10-12 total reps
2.  Back Squat: Go up to Mondays Max for a set of 3, then +5-10% for a set of 2, then back down 10% of Monday's max for 3 sets of 5.
3.  Glute Ham Raise, or hamstring exercise of your choice: 5 sets of 5
4.  Bench Press: 5 sets of 5
5.  Weighted Abs: 5 sets
6.  Rower Sprints: 200m x 5

If the squats aren't feeling particularly well, then just go how you feel for a heavy set of 3, then 2, then back down to a comfortable but challenging weight for the remaining 3 sets.

Randomizer Option: Day off.  Again I should have probably mentioned the randomizer will only be Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.  

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