Tuesday, 8/25: Number Two

Week 1, Day 2:

1.  Muscle Snatch: 5 sets of 5
2.  3 Position Power Snatch (Floor, Below Knee, Above Knee): 3 RM, -5% x 3, -10% x 3
3.  Snatch Deadlift: 5 RM, -5% x 5, -10% x 5
4.  Snatch RDL+Sn. Pull from Above Knee: 3 sets of 5+5  
5.  Weighted Pull Ups: 5 sets of 5
6.  Abs: 5 sets
7.  Hip Extension: 5 sets of 10, use weight if possible, but don't get crazy.
8.  Box Jumps: 5 sets of 5
Notes:  The muscle snatch is an assistance exercise, so don't worry about weight, just worry about the movement and turnover speed.  Next, 3 RM for 3 Pos. Sn. means one of each position, not 3+3+3.  For this program, I won't do more than 3 reps/set for O-Lifts.  For Snatch RDL+Sn. Pull, do a RDL, then a pull.  Don't do 5 RDL's, then 5 Pulls.  Also, hold for a split second on the RDL before doing the pull.

I probably should have explained this earlier, but when an exercise has a "RM" next to it, be smart about your warm-ups.  For instance, yesterdays Back Squat workout had a 5 RM.  I did a couple triples, but mostly singles and doubles leading up to that 5 RM.  Gauge how the lighter weights feel, and then choose a weight that you think you'll be able to do 5 with, but no way on Earth you'll get 6.  The max set is the most important, all the sets leading up to it are just for warming up, not wearing you down.  In a competition, taking too many warm ups is detrimental, and the same applies for RM days.

Also, spend the majority of the time on the important exercises (in this case, ex. 2-4), but no more than 1 hour.  Rest 2 minutes or less between sets, maybe a little more with strength exercises, and I'd probably say don't spend more than 40 minutes total on all the assistance work.  If you want to take the assistance exercises and turn them into a MetCon type workout (for conditioning or to save time), that's totally kew.  

Randomizer Option:

Snatch Pulls: 4 sets of 2
Complete 3 rounds of:
800m Run
30 1 Arm Snatch


  1. Are those supposed to be one-arm barbell snatches? I hope so! All this lifting is making me hungry. Sage says I should eat an entire horse wrapped in bacon. Is this true?

  2. Those aren't supposed to be barbell snatches, although that would be pretty fun. I don't want anybody to kill themselves though. In terms of food intake, I don't know if you'd want to eat a horse, that's a little inhumane. I'd say eat puppies wrapped in bacon instead. They're a lot more tender and taste better. If you can't find puppies, eat baby seals.