Monday, 9/21: A new cycle begins!

Week 5, Day 1: Start of the Power Cycle

1. Behind the Neck Rack Jerk: Up to a heavy set of 2, then -5% x 2 reps, -10% x 2 reps
2. Back Squat: Up to a 3RM, -5% x 3 reps, -10% x 3 reps
3. Hamstrings: 5 sets
4. Handstand Push Ups: 30 total reps
5. Weighted Abs: 5 sets

Randomizer Option:

Snatch Pull: 5 sets of 4

21-15-9 of:
Double Unders


  1. The Jerks were tough. Got 130 Once. and then backed all the way down to 110 so that I make them.

    Stepped it up on the back squats. Went up to 190kg for 3. Yeah Buddy. I will be posting the video on my blog later tonight or tomorrow.

    Then did hamstring exercise that Bob Takano showed us at the cert. My Hammys are on fire. Good workout Casey! Keep em coming!!!

  2. Although my jerk needs work, for some reason the btn rack jerk appears to be okay. What gives? Meanwhile, I backed off the squats and hammie exercises today b/c I had to super set the CF Total for max reps earlier today for my HORSE game. I hope I win!!!

    Good luck to Nat tomorrow.

  3. Michele, the rack jerk from behind the neck puts the bar in a position where you can drive it straight up much easier than if it were in front. Plus, when the weight is in back, it just feels stronger (at least to me). Think back squat vs. front squat. How'd HORSE go?